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Follow the Broken Road: 
Chronic Illness as a Spiritual Journey

"Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore"
                          ...Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Watching life as we know it fall away, being spun around until we are disoriented...the diagnosis of a chronic illness whisks us away from the land of health like the cyclone lifted Dorothy from Kansas.  Leaving behind the familiar, we face uncertainty and fear.  We may find former strategies no longer apply, and we long to return "home" to a feeling of balance and wellness.  Like Dorothy, the way of return is uncertain.  but we must journey inward to find it.  Like her, we must follow the broken road.

*      Learn to quiet your mind and heart in the face of an uncertain future.
*      Explore the stages of chronic illness as a spiritual journey.
*      Cope with changes associated with illness.
*      Share the journey with others who live with chronic illness.

Exploring Your Spiritual Self: 
Connecting with Inner Resources for Healing

Following the broken road and coping with chronic illness gives us an opportunity to journey inward and connect with our inner spiritual resources for healing.  Using a spiritual compass based on the Native American medicine wheel, we question what new opportunities are opening for us as well as what we are being called to leave behind on this spiritual quest.  We explore what grounds us and centers us spiritually and identify our spiritual companions and guides.  This is an interactive workshop with art, journaling, and music.

Dr. Carolyn Roberts
11911 San Vicente Blvdl. Suite 242
Los Angeles CA 90049

New Times and Locations TBA.  Please contact Dr. Roberts for more information.